About Dragan Elijas

A passion for web tools, where customers, users and companies enjoy the usability and UX Design they deserve. Dragan Elijas has spent the better half of the last decade working with some of the worlds leading brands and companies to provide them and their customers the tools and methods to create interesting tools, highly usable systems and effective and informative content.

UX Design
Front End Development


We work with companies and individuals - big and small. See our projects below! From the smallest of front-end developments, to the biggest content architecture overhauls. Our project span numerous disciplines, industries and languages.


We provide services in various disciplines to help your company reach its full potential and have the most positive impact to its users from the first logo, down to the last email.

Usability & UX Design
The first steps in any design is knowing how users will need to use your web application, and how they will experience it. Bridging the gap between business demands and user desire.
Content Architecture
Content is often overlooked when building a web application, but users will spend most of their time reading text - short and long. Keeping this text clear, logical, effective and efficient is of the utmost importance.
Wireframes & Prototyping
Before spending a lot of time and money to create a final design, or program a web application, wireframes and prototypes reduce feature creep, design ambiguity and also help test new features before they are locked in place.
Wireframes created
Front-Ends Built
Code Written

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